Playstation Plus Reveals First Free Game

PlayStation Plus is a subscription service offered by the gaming giant that allows customers to get special features for their PlayStation 3, 4, and PS Vita. Gamers are invited to join so they can take part in the online multiplayer platform on PS4, receive massive game discounts, and take advantage of PlayStation’s online game save service. The subscription is relatively inexpensive, being around US $10 for one month and around US $50 for a year.

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Still, PlayStation is constantly trying to attract new people. This is why it recently revealed the first of its free PlayStation Plus games that will be on the PS4 platfrom. The game, called Drawn to Death is from the creator of such epics as God of War and Twisted Metal, David Jaffe.

Drawn to Death is a multiplayer game and is similar to Twisted Metal in that it is an arena-style type brawl. The graphics have a distinctive, sketchbook style, paying tribute to the classic Twisted Metal series (back when Sweet Tooth was still a clunky ice cream truck). According to Jaffe, Drawn to Death has been in creation for nearly three years. Producers of the game wanted to make something nostalgic for die-hard brawl fans but relevant enough for modern gamers. The highly competitive game is rumored to come with some amazing features, which haven’t been revealed yet. Inside sources though say that there will be many hidden missions that will unlock bonus costumes, characters, and taunts.

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The game takes place inside a high school kid’s notebook, making the game incredibly fast-paced and over-the-top. The best part is that this will be free for all PS Plus members.

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