“Warcraft” The Movie In The Eyes Of a Game Fan

All my friends know how much of a “Warcraft” addict I am. I’ve been a fan for so long, I barely remember how and when I started spending hours in front of the computer with the orcs.

Image source: blizzardwatch.com
Image source: blizzardwatch.com

But how I feel about the movie is a different story.

I waited in line to watch the film despite reports of how disappointing the plot was. I did not want the spoilers to ruin the fun for me (I won’t write much about it here in this post, I promise) so I skipped posts from Rotten Tomatoes and other movie review sites. But as I watched the movie myself, I understood where the bad reviews came from. To be honest, the movie did not bring justice to what “Warcraft” stood for.

CGI and other effects were on point. In fact, the visuals were so good, I was awake the whole movie because of what I was seeing on screen. But no matter how good the effects were, the movie just missed a lot of elements. Maybe writers tried their best to put a thick plot that would show real action between the humans and the orcs, but their efforts failed to put essence on what the story really is about. There were too many characters, but there was no one protagonist that stood out. Some of the scenes were unnecessary, too.

Image source: gamesradar.com
Image source: gamesradar.com

Maybe I just had high expectations for this first movie. I hope the sequel will be longer and put enough justification as to why the first one did not work out the way game fans wanted it to be.

I’m Diana Wylde, a huge video game enthusiast and a travel bug. I like exploring new video games and places in the Santa Barbara County, CA. Learn more about me by visiting this blog.


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